Friday, August 03, 2007

I keep buying stuff

Since I seem to be buying lots of stuff online, I am able to eagerly anticipate the mail delivery. If I didn't buy anything online then the mail would be just junk and bills. And that is no fun.

Yesterday I got a heap of mail!

I can always justify buying supplies, and I had recently ordered a few items from Volcano Arts. There is really nowhere in this city to buy bookbinding supplies, other than a few basics. So I got some great new colours of linen thread. I also got a bunch of silver corner pieces - which means I can finally finish a project I've been working on for ages.

Now, an online purchase that was entirely unnecessary, was this little collection of wooden printers blocks! I don't need these. I have no idea what I am going to do with them. But they are great! I bought these on Etsy from Sweetkate who has more of these and I am trying to think of a reason to buy them too.

Then there was a surprise package in the mail as well.

My Great Aunt sent a book to my son, the new children's book, "That Stripy Cat." The author of this book lives in Halifax (same city as me) and the illustrator, Tara Anderson, I have met her through Etsy. My aunt didn't know that, it's just a fun coincidence. I have one of Tara's paintings on the wall in my kitchen actually. Check out her stuff on Etsy, where she has lots of stripy cats. Her shop is

So it was a pretty good mail day.


Penelope Purchase said...

Dear Rhonda. Unfortunately I won't be able to buy szirmai's book as it is quite expensive but Richard at Eden said you may be able to help. I would like to make a girdle book do you have any dimensions and instructions on how to make one please. I look forward to hearing from you
My email :

MyHandboundBooks said...

hi Penelope, I don't have any written instructions for making Girdle Books, I've worked it out through some trial and error, each time doing it a bit differently and I don't have any actual notes or anything like that to easily share.