Friday, August 10, 2007

Ceramic books

The first time that I participated in the Volcano Arts blank book swap, the book I received had ceramic covers, made by Bley Hack. Both front and back covers are ceramic, with a star detail on front, and it is bound using a chain stitch.

I showed this little book to my aunt, Ellen Fisher, who is a potter. This is a little collection of her work:

After I showed her Bley's book, she accepted the challenge and made a few ceramic book covers for me to play with. Each cover has a different detail. Shown here are the swirl, goose, and owl.

Only the front covers of our books are ceramic. I made the back covers with binder's board - this reduced their weight compared with Bley's book - as an attempt to make them a bit more practical. And they still weigh about 0.5 kg (about 1 lb) each. All of ours are bound using the Coptic stitch.

So I listed four ceramic books in my Etsy shop. The three above are still for sale, but this turtle book found a new home and it was actually the first non-leather book that I ever sold on Etsy.

Ok, so they are breakable. Who would want a breakable journal?! Doesn't matter, they are original and fun and different, that's what matters!

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