Sunday, August 19, 2007

CSB Protective

I'm really happy with the Protective version of the Crossed Structure Binding. I think this will be a great structure for some of my journals.

The back cover is cut with strips for sewing.

The front cover is just a square with slits for the strips to poke through.

The attachment of the front cover piece to the back cover surprised me, but it works. It just folds over the spine and is stitched in place. I used PVA on there too.

Then the strips are used as closures on the front, attaching to buttons on the wrap-around flap. Very medieval-looking.

These are my new favorite books. Since I've never made a book like this before, it seems really neat and novel right now and I will certainly be doing more them. But I still plan to do all the different CSBs - I think the CSB Linked is next.

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