Thursday, August 30, 2007

CSB Linked

The next Crossed Structure binding that I tried was the CSB Linked. The result is very clean and tidy, which I like.
In this structure, the two covers are cut separately; one with strips for sewing. The other cover has slits cut for the strips to slide through.

The covers are thus linked prior to sewing, unlike the previous CSBs that I have described where the second cover is attached after sewing is complete.

The sewing strips are slipped out and in though little slits in the front cover. Because the covers are joined before the textblock is sewn on, the covers are very secure. I made two of these, here is the back cover of the grey book, and the front of the brown book.


xunil.penguin said...

oooo those are grand! I like the looks of those. Once I feel a bit more comfortable in my binding I will most assuredly try one.

Thanks for the inspiration!


MyHandboundBooks said...

thanks Dave - yes, this binding/structure makes a wonderful book, so clean and finished-looking, and really not difficult. have fun!