Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year: Book #1

Happy New Year! Thank you to all my loyal blog readers who continue to stop by even when my posts are so few and scattered. Hoping for blog rejuvenation throughout 2015!

I have been wondering if I could possibly come up with 365 different book structures to share here this year. I do not have a plan and I am not sure that I can follow through on this idea, but I would like to try to post a picture every day of a different binding structure. So, 365 books that I have made using 365 different techniques. This will include books that I am currently making as well as books that I have made in the past.
Retchōsō binding

So, to start off, this is an historic Japanese structure called the retchōsō binding that is unique to Japan. This particular example is made using Kozo paper handmade at The Morgan Conservatory. I made this book for their silent auction that was held a couple months ago.


Anonymous said...

Nothing like a plan ... Is there really that many ways to make a book?
I will look forward to seeing the variety!

Lucia Sasaki said...

Hi Rhonda!
How good you started 2015 blogging!
I missed your posts, you always are so inspiring!
When I started to get interested in bookbinding, your blog is the one I was so impressed viewing.
Nowadays my interests widened a bit buy your blog is always welcomed.
Wonderful your retchoso book.
I wish that your 2015 could be a very rich one.
Thanks for blogging and inspiring!

MyHandboundBooks said...

Thank you virtualquilter! I think there are enough bookbinding techniques to get me through a whole year -- whether I have actually used that many myself is a different question... I may have to explore some new things this year.

Thank you Lucia Sasaki, I will try to keep it interesting all year :D