Thursday, January 08, 2015

Book #8

Five-hole Pamphlet

Before I forget, I should include an example of the five-hole pamphlet as well. This one is made with a piece of my very own handmade paper for the cover, and folded with turn-ins. The front is printed with one of my original lino cuts.

This pamphlet binding is very similar to the 3-hole version, obviously, but it is worth mentioning that this sewing can be modified in a lot of ways. The knot can be on the outside of the book like this one, or hidden on the inside, and you can really use any number of sewing stations (well, 3 or more). Using five sewing stations is probably the most common variation. Odd numbers work best (imo) since the sewing pattern can start and stop in the middle, but it can also be done with an even number.

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