Friday, January 25, 2008

The texture book

This theme for this week's challenge was "texture." So I set out with a couple of things in mind. I wanted to create a paste paper using texture, and have various textures inside the book as well.

I haven't done paste papers much, so I had to play with it a bit to get something I liked. The resulting paste paper was made using a handful of crumpled paper to make the marks in the paste.

Inside the book, I used several different materials for the pages so there would be layers of texture. There are various types of handmade paper, a piece of leather, some corrugated cardboard, eska board, a couple sections of drawing paper, a piece of vinyl, some various sheets of cardstock, and some more paste paper too.

It is bound using one of Keith Smith's chain stitch sewings for binding single sheets.

You can check out the other books that have been done for these challenges by visiting the TJBookArts group on Flickr.


TJBookarts said...

The marks on the paper have a nice dimensional feel to them. Much nicer than the "potato masher" prints I have done on paste paper in the past. :o)

Carol said...

Lovely cover. I haven't yet tried the chain stitch for sewing single sheets but I saw the most wonderful examples done by Adele Outteridge. I may be wrong but I think she worked with Keith Smith to develop the stitch. (?) Anyway, I'll have a go at it now that I've seen how nice your textured book looks.