Monday, January 21, 2008

Another list of bindings to try

After making that 3-section book with the braided spine last week, I got myself all enthused about some of the other 3-section bindings that Keith Smith has devised. So now I am going to work through a bunch of them. There are many, and lots of them are similar to each other so I'm not planning to do every single kind that he describes...I've made a list of the ones I like. So starting with the braided spine, I have now done three different stitch patterns.

I did the woven chain with some thick white linen thread. I think I had done this before but not recently. Using this thick white actually reminds me of cake decorating...

The thrid one is what Smith calls "tire tracks" and is a very simple pattern so i made this rather simple book with it.

It was v-e-r-y cold when I took these books outside for photos this afternoon - musta been about minus 15 Celsius (which is about 5 degrees Fahrenheit). It was a quick photo-shoot and the first done while wearing mittens. I'm rarely satisfied with my photos taken inside under artificial light so I go outdoors for photos at any cost!

There are about 10 more 3-section bindings on my list and most I have never done before so it'll be fun to try them....stay tuned.


Kim said...

Rhonda you are such an inspiration to me. Your work is beautiful, precise, elegant. Every time I look at your site I want to be like you when I grow up... I love to bind, but am a rank beginner, so keep inspiring me!

MyHandboundBooks said...

Thank you, kim, you're too kind :D

Anonymous said...

I really like that braided spine binding. I'm new to bookbinding & haven't tried doing anything with leather yet but am going to have to soon!

Thanks for all the inspiration.