Monday, November 26, 2007

Secret Belgian Binding for Uwe

Over at the Book Arts Forum, I discovered that there was a book swap going on! So I jumped on board for the latest round. A few weeks ago, I made a blank book using the Secret Belgian Binding and sent it off to Germany.

The fabric on the spine and corners is some drapery fabric that I backed with mulberry paper and I matched it up with this other leafy Japanese paper. I am usually not so brave to combine prints like this, but I do like it.

There is a discussion thread over the Book Arts Forum concerning the Secret Belgian Binding and several links have been posted to information about this kind of book. Today Uwe shared a link that he found to this Secret Belgian Binding tutorial. I am amazed that it is being done so differently than the way I do it! I took several photos of Uwe's book as I was making it and it is my intention to post a tutorial here...but that will take some time to prepare. I am now intrigued about this other approach to the structure...must investigate...


Sarah said...

ooo thanks for the links Rhonda, iIve not come across this forum before so will be back to check it out throughly! And I've been trying to work out this binding for a while, I can't wait for your tutorial!

Anonymous said...

Your book is lovely, the patterns work very well together. I must try this Secret Belgian binding, it is very nice indeed - I took part in the swap too and I received Jackie's book so I was very lucky!