Sunday, November 18, 2007

More Books for Sale

Once again, I packed up my books and set up at a craft market this weekend. Although this particular event was not as well attended as the show I did a few weeks ago, I had more visibility and made more sales. So it was quite a different experience.

The photo of my table looks very much the same...I suppose because it is mostly all the same stuff I had at the previous show! However, this was a somewhat bigger space and it was not as crowded for either the sellers or the buyers, there was better lighting...just better overall - even though the number of buyers wasn't as great as the previous show. People were giving me suggestions for additional craft shows that might still have space available. But I think that's it - no more this year.

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The Dangerous Mezzo said...

That's a delicious-looking selection on your table, Handbound!