Friday, November 09, 2007

My Case-Bound Books

Although it seems like I spend most of my time making books with limp leather covers, I still enjoy a good case bound book from time to time. They are more satisfying than the limp leather books - probably because they are so much more effort! So I recently made four hardcover case-bound books. I am not exactly sure if this particular method of binding and casing in a book has a special name...the spine is sorta hollow, does that make it a hollow back? Probably not...I definitely need some education in this area. But I was pleased with them in the end, regardless.

I tried to do some rounding and backing...although two of the books I was working on here have just 8 signatures and didn't round very well. The two other books had more signatures and my rounding attempts were more successful. But I worked on the spines, attached some false endbands, layered on some pva and paper.... Briefly, I considered the possibility of attempting to sew my own endbands...then the feeling passed, very quickly. Phew.

The fun part of making these books is mixing and matching book cloth, leathers, and Japanese papers in pretty combinations.

I did two books with leather spines, and two with book cloth on the spines. All four have Chiyogami paper on the covers.


Diane said...

They are gorgeous and well worth your effort!

TJBookarts said...


Your books look really nice. I like the cover combinations.
A hollow back book usually has a hollow tube of paper glued to the spine and the material glued directly to the tube.
Also, it might be easier to round your backs if you don't cross your thread at your tapes. Does that make sense?


MyHandboundBooks said...

Thanks diane and jackie.

Ah, so these are certainly not hollow backs (I didn't think so really).

Thanks for the tip for rounding the spines - next time i'm sewing sections for a book like this, i won't make the cat's whiskers - that's what my first bookbinding instructor called them :-)