Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Book #111

Green Binding No.1

Tomorrow is Earth Day, so over the next few days I will show a few of the simple bindings that I have used for making "green" books. The first is one that I did with a group a teenagers and all the materials we used were repurposed. The covers were cut from various food boxes and the pages were from a printer/photocopier blue bin where all the sheets were blank on one side. The only other thing we needed was something to stitch the pages, and we cut a plastic bag into strips and used the long strips of plastic to sew the book.


Unknown said...

I've never made a book from 100% rusted materials, but I made done from empty plastic food bags. It could probably be adapted to your method here though. You can check out my book on my blog: http://makingitupasisewalong.weebly.com/blog/reduce-remake-recycle

Thanks for sharing this neat book.

Unknown said...

*reused (not rusty, lol)

MyHandboundBooks said...

Thanks for sharing that Carley, they look great. Never thought of using those kinds of plastic bags. I really like how the bag can be used as a pocket. Maybe I'll do something like that for one of my 365 books!