Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Book #62

Dragon Scale Binding

Since I was talking about scrolls, I decided to try making a Dragon Scale scroll. There is very little information about this type of Chinese binding and I have never seen any instructions or ever seen a scroll like it, in real life. Just a few tidbits of information and a couple pictures scattered about the ether. Consequently, this is probably over simplified and I am certain that my attempt is not an impressive imitation, but it is what I came up with given the lack of resources. It is a multi-page scroll and each page is a different length. I have used strips of images on the edge of each sheet to emphasize that. The pages are bound together on a rod so they can be rolled up like a scroll. A proper example would likely have many more pages and as you can see, the pages will tend to curl up when the scroll is opened, suggestive of dragon scales. I believe this kind of scroll is also called a whirlwind binding.

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