Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I didn't have a chance to make any exciting Halloween journals this year, unfortunately. I love making journals with a Halloween theme because there is so much fabulous imagery and folklore associated with the season and Halloween has the best colours of all the holidays!

There are some really cool Halloween books to see over on the BEST blog. In fact, they are looking for votes. So go over there and pick your favorite to win the BEST Zombie Award for 2012: www.bookbindingteam.com.

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findbookmaker said...

AMAZING BOOKS!!! I always love horrors, movies or books like Graham Masterton or James Herbert authors, love to watch horror movies (unfortunately don't have halloween in Europe) I love the bloody themes and shapes, very nice for a gift to my bro :D cool staff... I already post another comment with asking about shipping to EU and how much would it shipping cost...