Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Folding Tools a la Randy Arnold

My bone folder collection is not extensive in comparison to many bookbinders. I have a few rather ordinary bone folders (I think they are all cow bones) and I have one Teflon folder. Thanks to this Christmas present from my mother, I recently expanded my collection to include an ebony folding tool, made by Randy Arnold. So here's my new folder:

(Photos by Randy Arnold)

Of course, Randy also makes unique boxes for the folders to live in, so my new folder arrived in this:

I have already been using it and it is a wonderful tool. It is lightweight but very solid, since ebony is a very dense wood (apparently one of the few kinds of wood that will sink in water, just fyi). Its density also allows ebony to be highly polished and resistant to scratches and such. I took it to a recent dinner with a group of other local bookbinders to show it off and they were all understandably jealous. I'm looking forward to using it in a variety of ways; the reverse side has a thinner end that will be handy for some poking and shaping. Thanks Randy, for making such beautiful and functional tools! You can find Randy on Etsy:


Cally said...

That is so very beautiful! Both the folder and the box. Lucky you!

Monica Holtsclaw said...

Oooh very nice!

Carol said...

WoW! I'm envious. Well done to your mother for finding such a great gift. I'm going to look at his Etsy site now.

Liesan said...

I love the box :)

ellen fisher said...

Very interesting - I har heard about your new bone folder but hadn't seen it.
Cheers, Ellen

ellen fisher said...

Very interesting - heard about the new item but hadn't seen it before.

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dbaulos said...

i love his stuff - its so great!