Sunday, July 06, 2008

Busy and photos to prove it

The free shipping offer worked out well in my Etsy shop - where I sold about 25 books throughout the sale! That creates a lot of packing and shipping work, sheesh. Otherwise I recently had some orders to fill, so I haven't been able to make much new for my shop. But some happy customers got these orders on time.


Carol said...

Wow Rhonda, good for you! Your books look really wonderful, no wonder people want to buy them.

Ali said...

Look at all those books - they look beautiful Rhonda, gorgeous soft covers. congrats on your recent etsy sales.

DangAndBlast! said...

Great work -- you inspire me.

Unknown said...

You certainly have been a busy thing, and I very much like the way you have left the original shape of the skin when it folds over the top to make the flap.

I don't have a blog, think I am to old for them :)

But I do have a book crazy website, take a look if you like.

Again I like your journals very much, when I was a working binder we had our own journal style, but I like yours better.


MyHandboundBooks said...

thanks carol, ali, and marguerite!

richard, thank you too! i have indeed been to your website, it is a great resource - so much info there! Thanks for visiting my blog :)