Thursday, May 15, 2008

PBI - Day 1

Intensive is a key word in Paper and Book Intensive. We dropped in here, running full speed, it seems. My first seesion was paper marbling with Nancy Morains (Colophon Book Art Supply). I had no previous experience doing this, but now I've marbled eight sheets of paper, rock patterns and spanish wave. Here I am, splattering colours onto the goo:

That was one of my first attempts and wasn't very confident about what I was doing. We did a few single colour sheets, then when it seemed like we knew what to do, she let us use several colours. We will be continuing with the marbling, doing other techniques and patterns over the next few days. This is one of my 3-colour rock patterns, I think this is the last sheet I made:

I have lots of other photos, I'll show some of the other things we did, making the whisks and such, another time. Overall, super fun way to spend the morning!

This afternoon I had my first class with Gillian Boal, about the Mexican Inquisition trial documets. The history of these documents is quite fascinating. They would collect evidence to convict people and bound all the pieces of evidence (letters, notebooks, leather talisman pouches, etc) all directly into the documents. Today we made a basic model of the structure and started making a few little spell books to include as evidence in a larger project that we'll work on over the next few days.

It's dinner time now so I'm off for a break, phew! Great food, by the way. But the evenings are full too, with various presentations by some of the instructors and staff, so it never stops around here.

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Carol said...

Great to see how your first day went.Your marbling looks good, it's fun, isn't it? And it seems impossible until you try it and then it becomes addictive.