Monday, February 04, 2008

More 3-section sewings

I'm still working on my list of 3-section sewings from the Smith books. These vary greatly in complexity. The first photo here shows the staggered dashes and it looks simple and it is simple to sew. The other two shown below, were more complex to sew but Smith's instructions and diagrams are really quite clear so long as you are able to stay focused and don't loose your spot.

I like all of these, the braided spine was fun, but none are new favorites. I am trying a bunch of these because I am curious about them but as with most of these sewings, they probably should only be used when the book design calls for them...if that makes sense.


Carol said...

More great books; I especially like the tan one. Rhonda do you mind if I tag you? The info will be on my blog - please only respond if you want to/have the time. Carol

Anonymous said...

Simple yet elegant. My kind of bindings. I don't often use just three sigs but these could change my mind or I'll be adapting to 6 or 9 ;-) Going to have to buy that book!


MyHandboundBooks said...

thanks for the tag carol! i'll see what i can come up with :)

Judy, i too seldom use only 3 signatures...typically i'd use no less than 10. I've been using very thick sigs for these sewings.

I can see that some of these sewings could easily be adjusted for 6 or 9 sections; however, most of the sewings look best when the sections are quite thick so there is enough space in and around the stitches to create the intended pattern. If you went with 6 or 9 thinner signatures, the stitch pattern would not be as well-defined.

Anonymous said...

Yours book's are lovely, amazing!