Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My collection of books

I just added another book to my collection of handmade books; these are all made by book artists and bookbinders other than myself, of course. Some of these were acquired through a group book swap hosted by Volcano Arts. Hmm, looks like there are a number of Etsy sellers in this pile...some that I purchased, and most recently I did a trade with flurrsprite's nook. She sent me the light blue one in front. This is actually the first case bound book that I've got through a trade or swap. Thanks maiko!


maiko said...

awww the books are so cute! and good lord, if mine was as small as it was, some of those must be insanely tiny! :D

MyHandboundBooks said...

heheh, yeah some of these are rather small. although i think yours looks a bit disproportionate here just the way it is sitting out front and on top, it does look kinda big!

Clara said...

Lovely collection, Rhonda.

I went to a library book sale today, a once-a-year event that serves as a fund-raiser for the library. For the first time, rather than looking primarily for books for reading, I found myself looking for old books with interesting covers, which I plan to separate from the text block and use as covers for journals (using a coptic binding). I ended up with as many books for recycling as I did for reading. I guess that finally confirmed for me that bookmaking has become as important as reading to me, and that's quite a discovery!

P.S. I LOVE the CBS Expander. Beautiful job.