Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I was just preparing a fun little Mother's Day post for the B.E.S.T. blog. I found books/bindings to go with each of the letters in "Mother" so I started by compiling a list of all the bindings and book styles that I could think of, for each of those letters. I could only use a few in that original post, and it was limited to books available from our members so I'm going to put the rest of my lists here, just for fun. Happy Mother's Day to me! Leave comments if you think of some book styles that I've missed.

Don Rash Millimeter BindingM

Miniature book
Millimeter binding
Medieval Binding
Monastic / Monk's books
Multi-quire bindings
Matchbook notebooks
MarcoPolo Crossed Structure


One-signature book
Open-back (Open-spine) book
Origami Books


Teabag book
Gary Frost Nag Hammadi modelTacket binding
Tunnel book
Tortoise shell stitch
Thermal Binding
Travel Journal
Thesis Binding
Trade Binding
Three-quarter Binding
Tight Back book


Hardcover book
Halfbound book
Herringbone stitch
Hemp leaf stitch
Hollowback book
Hidden Crossed Structure

Crossed Structure ExpanderE

Ethiopian chain stitch
Envelope book
Expander Crossed Structure
Exposed spine bindings


Recycled book
Raised cord sewing
Running stitch
Receipt book binding
Rebound books

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