Saturday, May 17, 2008

Another day at PBI

Actually, I made a discovery on Day 2 at PBI. Arrowmont College has a great little reference library here with a good selection of texts on book and paper arts, which is fantastic. So I have spent some of my "free time" in there looking through books and taking notes and all that fun stuff. The best part, though, is the honest-to-goodness, just-like-old-times, wooden card catalog that they are using. It's nice to use a card catalog since they have disappeared in so many other libraries.

And here is my first attempt at the traditional Bouquet marble pattern:

Kinda wonky. There will be more attempts at this one, it's such a great pattern when it looks good. We've also done some french curl patterns, non peris (sp?) spanish waves, and some expirimenting with the addition of soap and turpentine, getting great effects. I will be back at it again tomorrow.


Piroska said...

I love your marbled paper, especially the little flashes of royal blue, very classy. I've just started learning about bookbinding, I'm doing a class and am in the middle of my second book, and next we're going to do one that is half bound in leather, pretty exciting! I'm really pleased to have found your blog, your books are really lovely.

Sarah said...

That card cabinet is amazing! I've never seem one that large and it's good it's still in use... sound like your having a good week so far!

Rhonda said...

thank you piroska, s glad you dropped by! Have fun with your bookbinding class.

yes, sarah it is a lovely cabinet, i was so happy to see it there and really enjoyed flipping through it :)

Maiko said...

i love card cabinets! i remember when i was little and i'd go to the library and just pull out a drawer and look at all the cards cuz i had no idea what they were but they fascinated me hahaha