Friday, January 11, 2008

Weaving my book

Thanks to Jackie, TJBookarts, I tried weaving some leather. She is having a weekly challenge and this week the theme was "scraps." So when I investigated my leather scrap boxes, I discovered that I had a lot of long narrow strips of leather in there. So, I thought maybe I could weave them.

My experience with weaving is limited to the little paper baskets we made in grade one for Easter. So that is all the knowledge I had to work with here. Initially I thought perhaps it would make a nice placemat.

I secured and trimmed the edges.

I didn't do anything else to it, most of the leather that I used was a bit thick. So I just sewed directly through the cover to attach the signatures. I think a woven mat like this could be used to cover a hardcover book if it was made with much thinner leather strips. I'm not very good at paring so I'm going to start saving thinner strips. I've added that idea to my list of future projects to do as soon as I have some time.


bookyeti said...

WOw...that looks so cool, Rhonda!

Carol said...

I like this idea to use up those strips that seem to build up out of nowhere. Did you glue the ends? It looks really neat and very rustic.

Rhonda said...

Hi carol, yes i put a bit of pva on the end of each row....but i'm not happy with it actually. I think it needs something else to make it durable.

Anonymous said...

wow. that's amazing. i love it!