Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New paper and a Teflon folder

Another good mail day. I had recently been shopping online at Hollanders and my stuff arrived today. Of note, is this Teflon folder! A while back I solicited feedback here on my blog about these...y'all convinced me. I don't think I've ever held one in my hand is heavier than I expected. And now I'm ready for anything; but, the only thing I've tried so far was ripping paper - nobody mentioned that it sucks for ripping paper. I'll have to make a box soon just so I can use this thing more effectively.

There is a pile of decorative paper in the background of that photo. My supply of decorative papers needed some refreshing so I was paper shopping as well. I got some great Chiyogami, direct from Japan. I got it on Etsy from FromJapanWithLove. I am always surprised by the speed of shipping from Japan. I am not kidding when I say it arrived faster than most things I buy domestically.

I was paper shopping at Hollanders as well, got some chiyo and some other Japanese papers, some papyrus, some Indian paper, some metallic stuff, and this amazing piece here:

This is a large sheet of paper (24x36 inches) and this photo shows almost the entire sheet so the marble pattern is huge! It is Thai Marble - the description on the Hollanders site: Immense, flowing patterns of Black, Gold, and Silver are created by hand to form this Thai Marble. An occasional imperfection is part of the character and adds beauty and variety. In addition to its many uses, this paper looks great framed as wall art.

I don't have any special plans for any of the papers that I just bought, so I will just hoard them for a while...


Allison said...


I just recently became interested in making handbound books and ran across your blog. Your work is amazing! I've only made one book so far, and it wasn't very good, but I'm going to keep practicing because this craft is so interesting. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that seeing your work has inspired me to work hard at my new hobby!

Best Regards,

Rhonda said...

Hi Allison! Thanks - and have fun with it.

eb said...


I missed your original post surveying the crowd on teflon folders. Be more careful with the teflon folder than any previous types you've had. The edge will melt if you try scoring a long line with it. For detailed glue and folding work I still prefer my steel burnisher. I just make sure to line more delicate work with scape paper when working it, so I don't polish the surface.

Rhonda said...

thank you eb
i have always been a big scrap-paper user with my bone folder - i always have a pile of newsprint handy to cover almost anything before i rub it with the bone folder and i'm so used to doing it that way, it will likely be a while before allow myself to do otherwise!

Rhonda said...

hmmm, i've never used a steel burnisher

Kim said...

Oh you will love the teflon when you use it more. The very best thing is that you NEVER get a shiny line on the folds, because the teflon is too slippery! I love you books, and not only are you excellent, but prolific too! I will aspire to excellence because of people like you. Kim G