Thursday, January 31, 2008

Snow and Frost Book

I have been accumulating various fabrics with the intention of making book cloth. I procrastinate the making of book cloth, because I have found it to be a rather messy process; I don't have any great surfaces to use; and I don't always have great results. But then I discovered that I could use an iron-on adhesive webbing like Heat-n-bond. Jackie has a quick description of this process on her website - so that is what I did this week. I bought some heat-n-bond stuff and made up a pile of book cloth! Due to the Winter theme of Jackie's book challenge, two of the fabrics that I backed were the ones on this little book, because they look like frost and snow of course!

This is a hardcover pamphlet. Just one section inside. The pages are cream-coloured 90 g/m2 (24lb) recycled paper. The paper that is pasted down on the inside of the covers is some terrific handmade tree-free paper from India that my friend got for me when he was visiting there.

This might be a better picture, taken in the sunlight. The sun was shining on one side of the deck, but I couldn't get a snowy background AND have direct sunlight at the same time...

More pictures on iCraft.


TJBookarts said...

That's the perfect name for this book. I love the fabric combinations.
Making your own bookcloth open up alot of possibilities doesn't it?


Carol said...

I've only made bookcloth by pasting the cloth to archival tissue, very fiddly. I'll check out Jackie's method, sounds ideal. Your fabric is beautiful and so right for this little book. Carol