Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

I made a lot of books throughout 2007...here are some of my favorites.


Amy said...

I just discovered your blog, and love your work! Thanks for posting so many great pictures. Now I'm really excited for my leather class at the San Francisco Center for the Book in February!

bookyeti said...

Those are lovely, Rhonda. :)

Maiko said...

ooh! i likes the ones i have the best! ;) but those are all really awesome! the first one on row 8 has really cute ummm buckles? :D

justthecook said...

I discovered your blog a while back, and find your work so beautiful...this year's "gallery" is wonderful! thank you. I'm new to book making...as I was looking at your books in the gallery...2 questions came to mind. What types of papers do you enjoy most for your pages? and how do you get the torn edges for your pages? Are you folding and using a knife?

thank you for your help!!


Rhonda said...

thanks :)

oh, two of these are maiko's books!

jacky, i fold and tear paper using a bone folder. and i use several different kinds of paper - whatever i get my hands on really; but one type of paper that i like working with is 50lb Canson drawing paper that comes in the Biggie art pads - i find that it folds and tears quite nicely.