Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Anna the Bookbinder

I just discovered this book, it is a kid's book and I think it's probably aimed at children in the 4-6 age range. The setting is an old-style bindery where the father is binding by hand and passing along his skills to his daughter. The author is Andrea Cheng, with illustrator Ted Rand. Looks all quaint and nice. Might have to put that on my wishlist...for my kid, right.

The publisher's description: Anna loves to sit in the corner of her father's workshop watching his skillful hands as they lovingly repair books. She understands what other people do not: Though the new large binderies that are stealing her father's business can bind books faster, their work will not endure as long. To many customers though, speed matters more than skill. Her father's most important client threatens to pull his business unless his latest order of books is rebound in three days.
Ooooh, the suspense...

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bookyeti said...

Wish I had had that book when I was a kiddie. :)