Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer collection

I do a lot of work in brown. Various shades of brown and tan seem to be the most popular for my leather journals. Followed by black and red. But a lot of brown. I got an order this morning for two big journals, one brown and one black. Nothing new there.

But before I do any more brown books, I had to finish my little "summer collection" to brighten things up a bit. The other day I pulled out all my most colourful leathers and papers to see what I could come up with.

So I ended up with teal suede with blue paper, orange leather with white paper and pink fastener, dark pink leather with light pink paper, light blue leather with grey paper, black with green paper, black with yellow paper, and salmon with cream paper! All are small, 5.5"x4.5" or smaller. I listed the little salmon book on Etsy today.

Now, back to the browns.


SarcasticJ said...

They're so pretty!

Rhonda said...

Thanks :) And they were fun to make too, very happy and cheery combinations.