Thursday, March 10, 2016

Book #347

Flat Through Support

This is the third book in my current set of four. This time the flat support is actually pierced and sewn through. The appearance is a bit like a split tape, but this is much simpler.


MiataGrrl said...

This looks very interesting. . . are the instructions published somewhere? Also, the covers look like reused materials (?) and very simple. . . would love to see more photos of those covers and how you made them! I am always looking for new cover ideas, as I find them to be the most time-consuming part of my bookbinding process. I currently cover heavy chipboard with collage and paint, which I enjoy doing, but it takes too much time.

I don't comment often, but I still really enjoy seeing your daily bindings! Thank you!

- Tina

MyHandboundBooks said...

Thanks Tina. Yes, I repurposed materials for the cover of this red book. Keith Smith's book have a lot of information about different types of cover attachments and such - a very good resource.