Sunday, August 09, 2015

Book #221

German Paper Binding 1
For today, I made an example of a German paper binding, of which there are several variants. This particular example is the German Stiffened Paper Binding, sewn on tapes, with covers made of thin board covered in a paper wrapper, then trimmed at the head and tail (although I do not have access to a guillotine, so they were shorn by hand as well as I could manage). The cover wrapper is some of my own marbled paper.

The photo below is the book that I originally made for today's post. I was not entirely happy with it, though, especially after I made all the other variations of the Pappband. So I made a new one (the green book, above) using all the same techniques and I think it turned out much better.


AES said...

Nice book. As always, I love your marbled paper :)

MyHandboundBooks said...

Thank you :D