Thursday, June 04, 2015

Book #155

Italian Paper-covered binding No.1

The book I made for today is an example of a 16th-17th Century Italian paper covered binding where the signatures were sewn using a type of longstitch sewing through a primary wrapper then covered with a decorative secondary wrapper. I scanned and printed a woodblock design from that period and used it on my secondary wrapper.

There are a number of variations of this binding which I will show over the next few days. The models that I am making for these various Italian paper-covered, or limp paper case, bindings are based on information compiled by Maria Fred­er­icks, which she shared with participants at PBI in 2012.


Giorgia said...

Hallo, Rhonda, are you sure that this is Italian? Do you can post the fonts? I don't recognize this technique. Thank you very much Giorgia

MyHandboundBooks said...

Are you asking about the woodblock design? I believe this particular woodcut image that I found is from the workshop of Lorenzo de'Rossi, in Ferrara circa 1500.

Giorgia said...

ok I'm going to see , very gentle, thanx