Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Book #139

Dowel Spine binding

This is one of a small edition that I made in 2011, called Green. This little book recognizes the achievement of Canada's Green Party, successfully electing Elizabeth May, the first Green member of parliament, in 2011. The content includes the principles of the Green Party, outlines their acheivements and also questions why green principles are not already part of other political agendas. The materials are all repurposed and/or recycled.

The structure is called a dowel spine portfolio, which you can find in "More Making Books by Hand" by Peter and Donna Thomas.


Acornmoon said...

Another interesting book structure, I wonder how many you have in total?

There is a spot of bookbinding on my blog at the moment. I did a workshop with Maureen Duke, there is a link to short film about her also. Despite being in her eighties her love of teaching bookbinding is as strong as ever.

MyHandboundBooks said...

Thanks Acornmoon. I do hope to have 365!