Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Hafliax Crafters Spring Market April 5 & 6

Preparing a few new things for the local Spring Market this weekend. Although, since it is snowing today, it doesn't feel much like Spring yet. I'm confident that this is the end of the winter weather!

Come visit me this weekend if you have a chance. The Halifax Crafters Spring Market is at the Olympic Community Centre, 2304 Hunter St, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Saturday and Sunday, 10-5. Check out the full list of vendors. Here is a sneak peak at my wares for the weekend.

Cityscape Notebooks, hand-carved and hand-printed

Itty bitty books in itty bitty bottles.

Portfolios featuring my own hand-marbled paper, designed to hold a standard lined paper pad.

Classy Leather Journals.

Japanese Yotsume toji notebooks.

Fun little library card notebooks.

Colourful chopstick notebooks

See you at the market!


Cally said...

I always enjoy your blog but today it has been a lifesaver. With my husband recently made redundant, and my son's partner's birthday coming up, I couldn't think what to give her. Thanks for the inspiration - I bought her a pad of lined paper, and made her a portfolio to put it in from materials I already had including my own paste paper. She's not the sort to keep a journal (which is my usual kind of bookmaking), but she is an employment mediator and always has pads full of notes sitting on her desk. :-)

MyHandboundBooks said...

Excellent! Glad I could help :)