Saturday, January 25, 2014

Japanese Bookbinding Course

I have just finished up some samples of the books we're planning to make in my upcoming Japanese Bookbinding course. I'm teaching this through the Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design, starting Feb 17th (every Monday night 6-9, for five weeks). We'll be making as many of these structures as we can, maybe more, depending on the group's working pace. We will be doing everything as authentically as possible, using the formal binding techniques for each style and using lots of authentic materials, beautiful Japanese papers, etc.

Course description and registration info here:

Book structures that we'll be covering, shown in the photo, starting top left:
A Japanese multi-section binding called retchōsō;
A handscroll (kansubon);
And, shown below the scroll, Yamato style notebooks;
In the top corner, a traditional ledger binidng, daifuku chō,
And along the bottom, the four variations of the traditional Japanese stab bindings.

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Dymphie said...

you made some lovely sample books!