Tuesday, March 06, 2012

An Amazing Paper Swap

In January, I signed up for a paper swap with nine other marblers from around the world. Barb Skoog, organized this swap (thank you!) and I'm so glad that I decided to participate. I'm still relatively new to marbling and I really appreciate the work of other marblers. Each marbler has his/her own style and I will never tire of seeing other people's work. But, as Barb so wonderfully explained on her blog, it is one thing to see pictures of other marbling, and it is entirely another thing to have an actual physical sheet of marbled paper in one's hands to feel and examine closely. To do a paper swap, just means that each participant sends a sheet of paper to each of the other participants. There were ten people participating, so I sent out paper to the other nine people. And I received nine in return (actually, eight marbled papers and one piece of marbled fabric). Marbled treats in the mail! Each of the participants have kindly given me permission to share photos of their marbling here on my blog.

Robyn Drew(c)Robyn Drew

Yehuda Miklaf(c)Yehuda Miklaf

Sue Cole(c)Sue Cole

Marc Horovitz(c)Marc Horovitz

Barb Skoog(c)Barb Skoog

Kathryn Fanelli(c)Kathryn Fanelli

Elin Noble(c)Elin Noble

Dolores Guffey(c)Dolores Guffey

Louise Brockman(c)Louise Brockman

Visit Barb Skoog's blog to see the nine papers that she received - all different than the ones I just showed you, and all equally amazing!


Carole said...

What fabulous papers- I particularly like the last one - understated colours but they make a great combination (Louise Brockman).
If I got involved in a paper swap they would just fill up more space in my plan chest as I would never want to use them- are you a hoarder of beautiful papers too?

MyHandboundBooks said...

Yes, I'm definitely a hoarder of beautiful papers!

Deb C said...

I love how different they are. It's amazing how you can start with similar materials and end up with such different papers. The bright one reminds me of tie-dyed paper.

MyHandboundBooks said...

So true, Debra. With marbling, the possibilities are infinite.

Barb said...

Thank you, Rhonda, for posting photos of the marbling treats you received in the mail. I was curious as to what others sent! And it is a true gift to see my work posted alongside others! Looking forward to doing another swap soon. Cheers!