Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Giveaway Winner!

Thank you, everyone, who left a comment for the Thanksgiving Giveaway. There were 110 comments! I can't tell where everyone is from, but just from the comments that included their location, I can see that I had comments from 9 different countries! Including Canada, USA, Denmark, India, Spain, Greece, UK, Belgium, and Netherlands - and there were probably people from other countries who didn't identify their location. I'm so glad that this little bit of Canadian Thanksgiving could be shared with so many people from all over the world.

Even more remarkable... the randomly selected winner (commment #9) lives right here in Nova Scotia, the same Canadian province as me. How unlikely is that?!

To select the winner, I used a random number generator at

So, congratulations to Nancy! Your new monthly planner will be en route tomorrow morning.


Lizzie said...

Wow, all those entries from all those countries, yet the winner is almost living in your own backyard!
I hope Nancy loves her new planner. Thanks for the giveaway - it's fun to join in.
(and maybe I will win next time...) said...

nancy does LOVE her planner - it arrived today and it is as lovely as you would expect! I am such a lucky girl! thank you Rhonda very much for this fabulous giveaway - Nancy LeB in NS

MyHandboundBooks said...

Glad you like it, Nancy!!