Saturday, June 25, 2011

Guest Blogger Sandra Anible, Conservation Enclosures

Sandra Anible is a book artist living in Madison, Wisconsin. At PBI in May 2011, she was one of the lucky scholarship students on hand to help keep PBI running smoothly and taking classes along with the rest of us. She has very kindly agreed to tell us a little bit about one of her classes, where they made a whole array of boxes for conservation.

During the first session of the 2011 Paper Book Intensive, Denise Carbone taught a class on how to create conservation enclosures. Denise is a conservator for the American Philosophical Society who also teaches at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

A selection of boxes made during this class:

Denise provided instructions for several conservation enclosure structures. Each enclosure was designed to nest perfectly into the previous enclosure. We were all asked to bring one small object to class. The enclosure at the heart of our set of nested enclosures was customized to accommodate whatever object we brought.

A few more boxes made in this class:

The strategy of making all the structures fit inside each other, proved both economical with regard to space and convenient with regard to each student leaving the class with a handheld, multi-faceted teaching tool. Pre-printed, transparent, circular labels for each enclosure were also provided to each student to further enhance the ease with which they could demonstrate the form and function of each piece.

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