Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Celebrating Earth Day (wtih free stuff)!

April 22nd is Earth Day! In recognition of Earth Day, I am giving away free eco-friendly journals with any order from my Etsy or Artfire shops for the rest of this week (so, until midnight on Friday, April 23rd). Eco-friendly journals are ones that I have made entirely with materials that would have been otherwise destined for landfill. There are actually two ways you could win something from me: 1. Any purchase from MyHandboundBooks will receive a free eco-book automatically! 2. Leave a comment here telling me what you are doing to celebrate Earth Day. I'll randomly select one person's comment to win an eco-notebook too! (Make sure you leave your email address or link to contact information so that I can contact you if you win!) Edit April 24: This giveaway is closed. The winner! Congratulations to Pegg, the winner of my Earth Day giveaway! I had 15 comments to pick from, and I used random.org to generate a random number and it picked 10, and Pegg was lucky commenter number 10! Thank you to everyone who left comments here telling me about Earth Day activities, and thanks to those who made purchases this week; they got free eco-books too.


Unknown said...

I have one of Rhonda's books and they are beautifully made - I love mine.
I am doing two things for Earth Day:
Our local school has asked me to present an earth art activity on the beach at our local lake. We will be creating beautiful natural art sculptures out of rocks, leaves, sticks, feathers etc. It will be fantastic to work with kids on this very special day.
The other thing I am doing is having my own giveaway as Rhonda mentioned in her blog post.
Happy Earth Day Everyone!

Annabel said...

I'm going to (finally!) fix my sister's bike so that she joins me in being an eco-friendly commuter :)

Happy Earth day!

Dolores said...

There is a public area across the street from me that is in dire need of some pick-up cleaning. The wind (and people) have brought all kinds of garbage. As a matter of fact, I pick up a little at a time whenever I walk by.

Valerie said...

we always walk to school so I will do that. But as Dolores said, that way to school is dirty so tomorrow I'm going to pick up some things from the street and start doing that everyday so maybe it will be a little cleaner and better! (some students are just ...)

Mincka said...

I did some google search and found activities in the Netherlands as well. I knew about the 'planting a tree' day. Never heart about this one.

I love the concept. Specially now we all are - in one way or the other - influenced by this volcano in Iceland.

So: happy earth Day and may we live for a very long time on this precious planet.


Unknown said...

My husband and I live on a boat. For Earth Day (I should be calling this Earth Year for us!) we jumped the gun a bit by installing a composting toilet, complete with a solar vent so that it completely runs self-sufficiently.

crystal said...

Earth Day is my dads birthday and we are going to start seeds for his Organic Vegetable and Herb Garden this year(after we shop at our local Organic The Mustard Seed Market:)
cyclona66(at)aol dot com

Anonymous said...

For earth day we are planting up some winter veges in pots and making our own compost bin. The kids are little so they love being in the garden.
Rhonda I just want to tell you how you inspired me. I recently decided to return to work and signed up to teach bookbinding at a local school doing community education. After doing some research I came across your blog. I decided to set up a studio in my home and give myself some space to be creative. My head is exploding with ideas and I don't yet have time to keep up with them. I will be starting my own blog and probably selling books to support my habit. I am going to be branching out into collage as well as repurposing after looking at your work. I don't know how you find time to do it but if you can then I can.

Domestic Diva said...

We're planting a garden.

Pegg said...

Happy Earth Day!

I own many of Rhonda's fabulous books and I love them all!! I am most definitely a huge fan!

Today I am getting ready for a local green tradeshow but we will be getting our greenhouse ready to put our seedling in for our veggie and flower gardens. We carry the trays out during the day and then back in at night, as it is still much too cold at night.

annebanan said...

"And since to look at things in bloom
Fifty springs are little room,
About the woodlands I will go
To see the cherry hung with snow."

A.E. Housman, and that's what I'm doing!

Tina said...

Rhonda's books are lovely!

For Earth Day, my kids and I are going to make birdhouses and hang them in our trees by the garden.

We may even start a few seeds indoors for our garden that we grow every year.

postal orphan said...

Happy Earth Day! We're setting up more bird feeders in the backyard - suet and thistle seeds for the little birds. And I just bought a great Buddha statue that needs a little garden to nestle in, so that's the weekend project - a new garden in the front.
I love your journals (bought 2 of them and gifted my sister with one of them last Christmas). The "old mail" recycled books are fabulous! I love the idea of using old envelopes.

Velma Bolyard said...

aha, a story--the very first earth day, i was 13 and a handful of friends and i walked home from our central school together, two or so miles, and collected all the trash into big plastic bags. we hoped, believed we were changing things. maybe. a. little.

Life's Simple Pleasures said...

Happy Earth Day! DId some recycling. That's all since I had classes to attend

reviewsbyabby at gmail dot com

MyHandboundBooks said...

Thank you to everyone who commented here, telling me about all the wonderful Earth Day activities! Happy Earth Day to all of you, today and everyday :-)