Friday, June 19, 2009

A visit to Gaspereau Press

For the edition of poetry books that I'm working on (which I mentioned here last month), I had to take the book covers to Gaspereau Press to get the text foil stamped onto the spines since I don't have that kind of equipment here.

I got a little tour, and they have the coolest sewing machine!

Gigantic, though. I don't think I'll be getting one of those any time soon. Besides, I like sewing by hand!

Here we are setting up the foil stamping equipment to do my book covers.

Gary did all the work, I just "supervised." So after a couple hours, I came away with thirty foil stamped book covers. And they are all cased-in now. Although the project still is not complete since each book is going to have a Japanese-style wrap-around case, and those are still in production!


Merry said...

Great photos....books look wonderful. That sure is the hugest sewing machine. Books must be sewn in know time on that.

Carol said...

Your covers look great, you must be very pleased. And yes, that was an magnificent sewing machine.


The sewing machine is really cool. And your books look great. Nice work.