Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Books on display

Two of my books have been accepted into an exhbition at the Cuesta College Art Gallery! I am a bit late posting about this, the exhibit has been ongoing for a couple weeks already; however, better late than never, no time like the present, etc. My books are part of the exhibit, "Artists' Books 2008" which runs until July 10th.

One of the books they have, is my book called "Tying Knots" which I've shown here before. It is a Coptic stitched board book with instructions for making several different knots. There are ropes attached to the front cover that can be used for practicing the various knots.

Also in the exhibit, is one of these little Nova Scotia books, which I made as a small edition. It has the official Nova Scotia tartan fabric on the covers, a bit of text on the first page just stating the provincial name in Latin, English, Gaelic, French, and Mi'kmaw. The remaining pages are a collection of my photographs of wonderful Nova Scotia scenery.


~crazy-bliss.com~ said...

congratulations, handbound! this is wonderful exposure for you, and you certainly deserve to be in such an exhibition. :)

Sixth and Elm said...

I love the knot book!