Monday, December 03, 2007

Little Books

I registered for a 2-day bookbinding workshop to make miniature books. Very miniature, small enough to use for ear rings. The workshop was scheduled for this weekend (Dec 1-2) but it was canceled. Bummer. So I made a couple little books anyway. These are not so miniature as the books we would have made in the workshop...these are about 8.5cm X 6.5cm (3¼" x 2½").

So here they are. One is hardcover with wood grain paper on it, the other is a limp leather cover. Both are sewn onto supports: the hardcover book is sewn onto some narrow ribbon; the leather book is sewn onto strips of leather.

The little hardcover book turned out quite well. The leather book, though, is crooked. I pasted the spine directly to the leather cover and tried to pull the leather tight over the supports to enhance the three bands on the spine but I distorted it mostly... I was able to trim the cover leather to make it look better. It functions well enough. I think I will use it myself, I need a new little book to carry in my bag.

Since the workshop didn't happen, I need to have a look at some of MissRuth's mini book photos to see how she making them.... they are VERY miniature. One of her books:


Anonymous said...

Oh these two look so cute !! I love them ;-) I sent you an email hope you received it ! hugs from Belgium ! Sandrine

BWK Art said...

Oh my goodness, way cute, Rhonda! Sorry to hear the workshop was cancelled. :(

Sarah said...

Ooo I love little books, yours look lovely and it seems to me you might not need to go to a class at all! (although it's always fun to learn isnt it). The first book I ever made when I was a child was a minature one 2cm tall, I made a little library for my dolls house. Great fun :)