Wednesday, October 07, 2009

My favorites

Hardcover pamphlets are one of my favorite things to make. I made a few recently. This one with the rice fields on the cover is my favorite of this batch. This particular book is being sold to raise money for Cancer Research in support of Jay (Loopy4Ewe) who is raising money for the Weekend2EndCancer event in Ottawa. The rice field picture is a page from Jay's 2008 calendar. Her calendar was full of gorgeous Japanese scenery and she sent the photos to me thinking that I might be able to use them (yes!), so I made this one in support of her fund raising efforts. I used lime green leather on the spine and the pages are a mixture of various colourful papers.

Over at the Book Arts Forum we just did a Pamphlet Book Swap so I made another for the swap and sent it off for Jackie. (Still eagerly awaiting my return book, I think it is coming overseas so I must sit patiently!) Jackie's book has two fabrics on the cover and again a mixture of different papers for the pages.

Then, just for fun, I made four more in different colours, available on Etsy.


BookGirl said...

I,too, like hardcover pamphlets, Rhonda. I think the humble pamphlet gets short shrift. There are so many uses for them. And giving them a hard cover makes them oh so elegant.

Rhonda Miller said...

thanks Clara! I agree :)

Billie said...

Hi Rhonda

These books are truely beautiful. Lovely designs and color combinations.

Best wishes

Billie :)

meandering pearl said...

these are absolutely gorgeous!!!
i never knew they were called hardcover pamphlets, but its got to be one of my favourite styles!

Rhonda Miller said...

thanks Billie!
And thanks meanderingpearl!
it is the first style of hardcover book that I learned to make and i was so taken with the results that I've never been able to stop making them