Thursday, May 07, 2009

More envelope patterns

After I mentioned my collection of envelope security patterns, I happily discovered that my fascination is not unusual. Apparently lots of people are drawn to envelope security patters, collecting them and/or making things with them. I've even turned my mother into a collector since she is now saving them for me!

On Flickr, there is an entire pool dedicated to Security Patterns. If you have pictures, you could add them to this pool. There is also a great collection of pictures in a set called "Security Envelope Project" where she collected envelopes to make buttons.

I got a photo from Joycelyn ( showing a collection of envelopes she has been saving.

Judy, who reads my blog, showed me some things she has been making with security patterns. She mentioned that the collaged birds in her work are a tribute to her late Grandmother who used to call her blue parakeets, her little bluebirds of happines. That's certainly a wonderful use of envelope papers! Judy, thanks for allowing me to share these pictures.

Fellow B.E.S.T member, OliveArt, has been using envelope security patterns too. She combines the different security patterns to make new patterns. These books also have envelopes for the pages!

I recently purchased this set of buttons from Janick, of Neawear on Etsy. This is not very typical of Janick's work (she does fabulous wall art!), but I found these little envelope buttons buried in her shop so I grabbed them.

Some other things I've seen on Etsy:

Matchbook notebooks by girlindustries

Alphabet magnets by bloodandgold

Gift tags by swirlyarts

Wrist cuff by bettydeath

Let me know if you have envelope security pattern collections or art projects that you want to share. I'd love to see pictures!


Merry said...

Oh wow, I will now look at envelopes in entirely you light. Thanks for sharing all the links.

Swirlyarts said...

Oh fabulous! I love security envelopes and have some unusual ones that I am saving - not sure what for but.... Thanks for showing off my tags!

Sugee Andersyn said...

Wow those are amazing.

Elissa said...

Since you wrote this post, I started collecting security envelopes. I actually pawed through my paper recycling to recover discards. I can't believe I never really looked at the patterns before - they're quite interesting. I always welcome the opportunity to stop and study the beauty of the common object. Thanks!

Rhonda said...

Thanks Merry, Swirlyarts, SugeeAndersyn, and Elissa!

Swirlyarts, I too have a couple of different patterns set aside...and I don't know why exactly :)

Elissa, I'm glad you have discovered the intrigue of the envelope patterns! Have fun with them :)

chris martin said...

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