Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day

Today I was disappointed to realize that I had such a poor selection of green items available in my shops. Obviously I have not been planning ahead very well. But there have been lots of green things pass through my studio in the past couple years, so I collected a bunch of photos to show by way of the Flickr badge.

Now that I've been fighting with the Flickr badge for an hour, I've decided it is the least versatile badge of its kind! After tweaking the code, I have it sitting there somewhat happily. But it will not, it just will NOT align to the top. Why does it insist on sitting down there? Perhaps this is a combined Blogger/Flickr problem becasue I'm also using a table to format this post and that is not Blogger's favorite thing. Anyway, what bugs me the most about the badge, is that the photos can only be displayed in a single line - either in a column or a row. I really wanted to do a 3x3 grid... it would have been easier to just make one from scratch but after investing an hour a couple hours into the badge, I will leave it!

Happy green day :)


Ketutar said...

I noticed that you wanted a 3x3 grid... are you familiar with Flickr toys and mosaic maker?
That would solve your problem, if with 3x3 you mean 3 pictures in 3 rows...

Also, there's no need to use tables.

I like your blog and your books :-) Thank you for sharing :-)

Rhonda said...

thank you ketutar, i am not familiar with flickr toys or mosaic maker. I didn't consider looking around - but now I will check them out next time for sure!