Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Art of the Book '08

There are not many opportunities to visit book art exhibits around here, but the travelling exhibit for The Art of the Book '08 stopped by for a while and I was able to get there before they packed up last week. This juried exhibition marked the 25th anniversary of the The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild.

Check the Exhbition Schedule to see if it will be coming to your town.

Check the online exhibit on the CBBAG website.

Of course they wouldn't let me fondle the books or take pictures of them. And many were in protective cases so I couldn't drool on them either. I particularly like the books from Erin Ciulla, Paul Johnson, Mira Coviensky, Cathy Berg, Don Taylor, Anna Embree, Robin Muller, Helga Hobday and the papers of Judith Welbourn and Robert Wu and lots more... I meant to just list a few... but of course they are all terrific. Check it out.


PrairiePeasant said...

Looks like a great exhibition! It's not coming to Winnipeg until 2010. :( It was nice to see several former and current Winnipegers among the list of artists.

Rhonda said...

Oh dear, that is a long time to wait! It is nice that you get the online preview. Then it'll be so long before you see the real thing that it'll seem all new again :-)