Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada

Happy Thanksgiving to Canadians having turkey or tofurkey from coast to coast. The leaves are turning red and orange and falling all over the ground now. I must have been inspired by the season when I was making this book today, a chain stich binding with autumn flavoured Chyiogami covers:

And, on an almost entirely unrelated note, check out the article about the Saint John's Bible project on the B.E.S.T blog. Imagine writing the entire bible by hand, in perfect calligraphic form, illuminated beautifully, using ink you made by grinding pigments, etc etc. Quite a tremendous undertaking. The project has its own website too, at


DangAndBlast! said...

I like the colors very much. Does the colored paper function as the outermost sheet for each signature, or is it just a short guard to color the spine?

Rhonda said...

thanks! you could do the spine either way, of course. but in this case, i've used just a narrow strip to cover the spine of each section.

Red Fermata said...

Is there a difference between a Coptic binding, an ethiopean binding, and a chain stitch? I'm new at this, and so far they all look the same, but I don't want to assume. Beautiful book!

Rhonda said...

um. good question red fermata.

short answer, yes, there is a difference between a Coptic and an Ethiopian binding.

Both are chain stitch bindings.

The Copts and the Ethiopians both developed a chain stitch binding and the history of each is quite extensive. I think one of the distinctions is that the Copts sewed their chain stitch binding with one needle; the Ethiopians used multiple needles.

Billie said...

Wonderful book, and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Best wishes from