Friday, April 27, 2012

Carbon Free Thinkers Festival in Halifax

Following on the heals of Earth Day, is the Carbon Free Thinkers Festival, here in Halifax tomorrow. The festival includes a youth conference on climate change and sustainability, as well as a market of local green businesses and artisans, demonstrating and selling their work. I'll be there doing some green bookbinding! If you're in Halifax, be sure to stop by the Dalhousie University student union building tomorrow, April 28th.


spinningdownunder said...

Go for it, lucky you! I am in Australia and we are so lied to by the media, big business and our politicians! Most people do not even understand the debate, because its impossible to get at the truth. All we ever hear is that any sort of scheme to organise carbon credits etc is a tax on our way of life, that we are leading the world in using alternative energy (not true); that no other country has gone as far down the road to change things, also not true; and we produce far less carbon than China, despite our per capita use being among the worst in the world.
I hope you can do what we at present seem to be far too paralysed by fear to even think about.

Adriann said...

Good for you...enjoy! I love your recycled books especially. I hope you had a successful time.