Saturday, March 19, 2011

A new travel journal

I finally finished this book for myself. It's my 2010 travel journal. As I've explained before, my travel journals are made after the fact - rather than during my travels as most people would do it. Some previous examples of my personal travel journals are here and here.

We didn't make any big trips last year, just a bunch of small road trips, camping, etc. All the papers that I collected from those little trips, tickets, maps, etc are incorporated. Some maps and brochures were folded to make folders and the smaller items are tucked into the folders. The front cover has a small clear plastic container embedded and it contains a shell and some dried wild rose petals, which we collected at a campground. I used a sheet of my marbled paper on the front cover - a favorite that I had been saving.


Carol said...

Lovely, Rhonda, great idea to have the embedded container for treasures, and your marbling is beautiful. I like your idea of making the journal at the end of the year. That way you know it will fit, something I've regretted at times when the 'stuff' doesn't fit the book.

Katie said...

Great book, Rhonda! How do you make your folded pockets?

Cynthia Schelzig said...

Wonderful color combination and what a great way to savour the memories of your trips.

Unknown said...

great book. I love it.

MyHandboundBooks said...

Thanks Carol, Katie, Cynthia, and GlamTania!

Katie, the pockets are really simple. I use papers that are larger than the pages, then just fold up the bottom and fold in the sides to get the correct page size - and put a little glue on the edges to hold them.

Handmade books and a Smakeral of Art said...

Ive just come across your blog, and Im so impressed Rhonda! your travel journals are so wonderful, treasures in themselves! great work!!!

Billie said...

Hi Rhonda

Sorry for the neglect, I've not been blog hopping much lately.

Your journal is beautiful, I love the memory box embeded in the cover as well.

What a wonderful way to keep the memories.

Best wishes


MyHandboundBooks said...

thanks Beth, and Billie!