Friday, July 17, 2009

Eco Books

Another great bookbinding book about making books with recycled and repurposed materials. This one is from Lark and it's called Eco Books, by Terry Taylor. It can be just pre-ordered right now, but should be available soon. I contributed some content to this book. It contains a total of 40 eco-book-making projects so it'll be a fun book to have if you like using different materials!

I also just got the most recent copy of Ampersand in my mailbox. There are always lots of great articles and how-tos in this journal so it's fun to get. This is the quarterly journal of the Pacific Center for the Book Arts and this particular issue has an article I wrote about selling handmade books online.


paperkitty said...

I can't wait to get my copy of Eco Books. I have a project in it too. :D I'm eager to see all the other projects!

Rhonda said...

oh good for you! and i agree, it will be great to see all these great projects.

BookGirl said...

Rhonda, congrats on your article in Ampersand! I read it with interest.

P.S. Lark Books, which publishes Eco Books, and Terry Taylor, are in my (now) hometown of Asheville, NC!

Rhonda said...

Thanks Clara.
Yeah, I noticed they were based in Asheville! Lucky you to be in such a great town, I need to go there someday - maybe I'll make it to the Bookworks sometime (I'll be sure to let you know!).