Thursday, February 12, 2009

Suminagashi meets Crayola

It has been almost a year since I did any Suminagashi marbling but I finally got some new inks and pulled out all the stuff last week. So as you can see, I was dropping Boku Undo inks right beside a Crayola marker artist.

Very simply stated, Suminagashi is a very old Japanese paper marbling technique. If you are interested in a little more detail, check out these sites:

Or get a copy of this book:
Suminagashi by Anne Chambers

So as I said, I had not done this for almost a year. And I had some trouble finding the right paper that would accept the inks well. And I diluted my colours a bit too much. Practice, practice... But here are a few decent results.

I should also add a couple links for purchasing supplies and kits:
Colophon Book Arts
Diane Maurer
Society of Marbling links


DangAndBlast! said...

Ooooh, the 3rd one especially is really cool (although not my colors -- I'd prefer the first two!)

Büchertiger said...

I think, the second looks just perfect (not the slightest too diluted).
So far I avoided marbling and stuck to paste paper. The tutorial behind the second link sounds like ordinary ink would do (they propose to take Pelikans inks) but don't you need special ink that will float instead of mix with the water?
Maybe I'll give it a try once. Especially if it is possible to use ordinary calligraphy inks. - Thanks for the links!

Liesan said...

The blue one (second) is gorgeous and just right.

@buchertiger If I remember well you could mix inks that won't float with something called photo-flo 200 so they will float, but I have no idea where to get the stuff :)
Pelican inks work, I have yet to try W&N (I like their color saturation better)

Rhonda said...

thanks dangandblast, büchertiger, and liesan!

right, you need to add some of the photoflo stuff to the ink. or "sumifactant" - i am unsure if those are exactly the same thing, but they serve the same purpose.

machinewithnoname said...

I just taught suminagashi in my class last night! You can order the kit from dick blick as well - its wierd that the best paper I've got incredible results are from business class white wove envelopes! I wish they
were bigger!

Rhonda said...

I admit, I never thought to try envelopes!

Liesan said...

For those interested: Last night I tried some W&N drawing ink and although it does depend on the colour somewhat how well they float they all do float on water without photo-flo or something similar (no pictures, I just tried in a small bowl with scraps of paper so there is no result to speak of ;) )

High On Craft said...

very cool! I love the blue pattern.

Rhonda said...

thanks for sharing that, liesan!
i have never used anything besides the Boku-Undo colours.

thanks, highoncraft :)

Merry said...

What lovely results. If I had to pick a favourite it would be the blue but I think they are all wonderful.

Rhonda said...

thanks, merry!

Carol said...

Those are absolutely beautiful. The blue makes me feel as though I am snorkeling.

Rhonda said...

haha! thanks carol :)