Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A week in review

I have the great honour of being the first featured in a series of Shop Local articles being reported by the Trans Canada Etsy Team and published on the team's blog. Brandi, known on Etsy as Enthral (and a fellow Nova Scotian), put this together and did a wonderful job of tying together my work and my locale, thank you Brandi!

This week I have been able to finish a group of recycled journals which have all my scrap papers for the pages, and the covers are mostly leather scraps as well, pieces that were discarded previously for various reasons.

These three stab bindings came next (which could also be considered recycled since the pages were cut offs from larger projects, and the back covers are scraps of mat board). Simple 4-hole yotsume toji notebooks in teal, grey, and chartreuse.

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EWian said...

Congratulation! You make grate books.